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5 Steps To A Successful Email Marketing Campaign

email marketing campaign

Email marketing is considered to be one of the top marketing channels. It can help you to boost sales and increase website traffic. And overall, email marketing can have a big reach and deliver your message to many people.

To build and retain successful email marketing campaigns, you must build an effective plan for action. Here are five tips for successful email marketing campaigns.

1. Know your audience

Knowing you audience is a fundamental principle of email marketing. Before you start crafting your email, think about the reader and ways to improve your email marketing: Ask yourself:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What do I want my audience to know?
  • What action so I want them to take?
  • What do they already know? How was their response rate to this point?
  • Based on the data I have what can I do to improve my email marketing?

So, first and foremost before beginning to design your email do a good research. The more you know and understand about your customers and their needs, the better you can prepare your email campaign and achieve desired results.

2. Segmentation

By narrowing your focus and sending messages to targeted groups within your email database, you’re making your campaigns more relevant to an audience. And as we know, relevant campaigns result in higher opening rate. Proper segmentation helps you to have an email adjusted to fit the needs and interests of your audience.  Use collected data in your segmentation strategy and always look for ways to understand your audience better and have better tailored emails.

There are different ways to segment your customer database, enabling you to better target each customer group. One of the easiest ways to start segmenting your email database is

  •     By last purchase date
  •     By age and gender
  •     By location
  •     Preferred language and etc.

In time when you’ll get more comfortable with this process and learn to dig dipper into analytics, you’ll find more creative ways to segment your audience.

3. Headline

Writing a headline is where you get to be very creative. Why is it so? Well, you need to keep your subject line to 50-60 characters or fewer. And it means that your words should be well chosen to make your email appealing to a recipient.  So you should keep the headline concise and direct.  After all, your subject line is the first impression you have on the recipient! You can consider using A/B testing to identify which subject line works better and brings more results.

4. Call to Action

After reading your email, your recipients should have a clear idea of what to do next. A call to action should be short and clear. For example, if you want your customers to make a purchase, simply “Shop Now” can be an effective call to action. Depending on what action you want to be taken, other examples are:

  • Try Our Free Trial
  • Get Your Discount Code
  • Download Now
  • Visit Our Website

5. Mobile-Optimized emails

It’s likely that the most of your subscribers are reading their emails on a smartphone or tablet. With designing your email to be mobile-friendly you create a pleasant mobile experience for your audience. Otherwise, your emails may be deleted immediately. Why is it so? Well, first of all, in our times consumers are flooded with emails from different brands. And if your email is not easily readable and understandable and requires efforts, it will simply get deleted.

Second of all, no one has a time for zooming or squinting to see the tiny text or picture. Remember, unresponsive design can give consumers a reason to unsubscribe. So, Designing your email have a goal to provide the best possible reader experience.

Which tactics have you found effective in your email marketing campaigns?

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