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5 Steps to Develop a Social Media Strategy

Social Media Strategy

Are are you struggling to come up with an effective social media strategy for your brand?  Have you been just randomly posting updates without getting the desirable response? Following are 5 tips that can help you improve your social media efforts.

1. Social Media Marketing Plan

First of all, you should determine your goals: What do you want to achieve? More likes? More sales? Traffic to your website? Basically, you should define what do you want to achieve for your business using social networks. Once you know where are you going you should create attainable goals and an effective plan of actions.

2. Consistency

Post regularly. You should never underestimate the power of social media for your business. Remember, irregular interaction with customers on social networks may result in decrease of your social authority. You should build trust by regularly sharing useful and interesting updates. Otherwise your audience will easily lose interests in your page.

3. Share  Visual Content

Social Media Strategy

Images attract more attention and are more getting liked and shared on social networks. Hence, this also gives you an opportunity to get more organic followers on your page saving on ads.

4: Keep Experimenting

The truth is there are no hard rules to follow in regards to social media strategy. Each business is unique and if one strategy works well for your business it won’t necessarily work for others. Hence, don’t try to copy social media strategies of other brands. Of course examining different strategies is always good and it can give you ideas, however you should understand your audience and come up with corresponding plan of action. Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t go the way you expected. It takes time to understand what is working best for your brand and your audience.

5. Create An Editorial Calendar

Your editorial calendar includes the dates/time you intend to post Facebook, Twitter updates, blogs and other content.  To make it easy to follow your editorial calendar you can use HootSuite or other similar applications, which allow scheduling posts to different social media sites.  There are also great online tools that help you determine best time to tweet. For example, Followerwonk website helps you to see your twitter analytics and time when most of your users are online. Here is an example of PrettyLookBook Magazine’s Twitter page analysys: According to this chart best time to Tweet is at 11 AM & 15AM.


What social media strategy steps do you follow? Share your thoughts  commenting below!

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