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Should your company have multiple Facebook pages

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facebook pagesFacebook Pages – Should your company have multiple Facebook business pages?

Should your company have multiple Facebook pages? It’s a common question in our days since social media is growing so fast and has such a huge influence on the way we promote our business today. Although many of us would like to have just a simple straightforward answer like “yes” or “no”, but it isn’t really the case in this matter. There are couple of important things to consider before you make a decision how many Facebook pages you should go with.

First of all you need,

1. Social media strategy:

First of all you should ask yourself, what is your social media strategy? Is it brand awareness, more sales or customer interaction and etc? The answer depends on what kind of business you have. Never shoot randomly. Once you define your strategy and set goals you need to stay consistent with it. Remember social media marketing is not something to be taken lightly; it has become an indispensable part of business strategy in our times.

2. Social Media Management:

How many people are appointed the task? Will they manage to keep all accounts up-to-date? Consistency in social media management is crucial. Irregular interaction with customers on social networks may result in decrease of your social authority. Follow the principle quality over quantity. Multiple abandoned Facebook Pages won’t increase your brand awareness or ranking; moreover it may have a negative effect on it.

So, if your time allows managing multiple accounts, or you have enough qualified people assigned for this position, you may then think about managing multiple facebook pages if that goes along with your social media strategy. Otherwise, it may be wise to go with just one well-managed Facebook business page.

3. Does your business have many physical locations?

Or does it offer different products/services which are designed to attract different user groups? These are also important questions to consider with regards to whether having single or multiple accounts. If your company has many physical locations or different type of products you may then want to connect with immediate audience in a more specific way. Thus it may be a good idea to set well managed Business pages for each location or product group. In this case it would be practical if these locations are managed by a person at that location so he/she can better address the needs of that audience.

Advice: If you create multiple facebook pages, make sure that you have set unique identifiable names, so the users searching for your page will not get confused which to like or to interact with.

In conclusion, whether you decide to create multiple facebook pages or go with single one, it’s always a good approach to start with just one. Promote that page, by increasing brand awareness and providing positive user experience and only then extend it if there is need for it.

Does this article answer your question whether you should have multiple facebook pages or just single one? Share your experience with us, we’ll be glad to hear what is your Social Media strategy!

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