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5 Keys To Successful Content Strategy

successful content strategy

successful content strategy How do you create engaging content that is really going to drive business for your company? Content marketing is vital process which is a part of your overall marketing strategy and influences your social media strategy. However, creating successful content strategy can be very challenging. So to create a successful content strategy you should start with

1. Check out competitors

Competitive content analysis will give you valuable insight on determining your content strategy.  Take time to observe how your competitors are handling their digital presence; what content is getting a good response from their audience and how many comments, likes and social shares their posts are getting. This analysis will show you what content is performing the best and driving the most engagement. Moreover, thorough study may also spot gaps allowing you to fill them with new and better content which competitors weren’t able to cover.  Take note also how frequently do they post new content and what time the user engagement is usually higher. Examine the relevant hashtags that competition is using and evaluate their performance and response rate.

2. Create a regular content series

One of the indicators of successful content strategy is a growing readership and engagement. A regular content series give users a set of consistent expectations. So users will expect and look forward to this content, which in turn will make them to regularly check updates from your company.  This content strategy will help you to gradually build an audience and maintain a regular traffic to your website. Interested users will certainly continue to read the series and they might be more prone to express their opinion or give valuable suggestions commenting on the posts. So create anticipation in your users.

3.  Share “How to” content

Every day users around the world are bombarded with information. So your task as a good Content strategist is to differentiate your content.  To do so, you should create a practical, interesting and valuable content. An excellent way to do it is – create “how to” content. Conduct interviews, share tips, and help users to see how they can solve certain problems. “How to” content is frequently shared on social media sites which means you can organically gain more followers.

4. Be Passionate

The truth is if you don’t care no one gonna care. Remember, passion is contagious.  So creating interesting information and being passionate about it you help your customers to become passionate about it as well and start actually pay attention to your company. It’s not a secret that people are drawn to people who are enthusiastic, people who care and love what they do. So show and spread passion and enthusiasm when sharing content on social networks. In time you’ll notice that the user engagement is growing and the users are getting more incline to comment and share your content.

5. Go behind the scenes

successful content strategy

Yes, go personal, share photos, videos and give an insider’s view of your company.  This way you’re making an emotional influence on your audience. You’re getting more personal, establishing a personal connection which helps to build trust with your customers.

What’s your biggest struggle when it comes to content strategy? Share your insights below!

One Response to "5 Keys To Successful Content Strategy"

  • Kevin Gray
    March 1, 2015 - 10:05 PM Reply

    Excellent tips! Quite often we underestimate the power of competitive analysis. I agree that it should be the first step when working on your content strategy.

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